This is a work in progress, probably not yet ready for use!

Manwë is a Python client library for working with the Varda database for genomic variation frequencies. It also provides a command line interface to some of its functionality.

The main goal of Manwë is to offer the complete Varda API, but on an abstraction level that is nice to work with from Python code.

>>> import manwe
>>> session = manwe.Session()
>>> user = session.create_user('testlogin', 'password')
>>> user.dirty
>>> = 'Test User'
>>> user.dirty
>>> user.dirty
>>> for sample in session.samples():
...     print
Rob Userman
Barry Robsfriend
Rob Userman

User documentation

New users should probably start here.

API reference

Documentation on a specific function, class or method can be found in the API reference.

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